Kaplan & Associates employs qualitative primary research and secondary research techniques to examine:
Customer Experience/Satisfaction
Potential Customer Viewpoints
You can rely on our experience and expertise to provide you with incisive recommendations pertaining to:
Vertical Industry Analysis
Market Opportunity Assessments
Product Introduction
Marketing Strategies
Market Segmentation
Distribution Channel Strategies
Potential Partner Evaluation

Combining our experience, industry knowledge, and research findings, Kaplan & Associates can help guide your business decisions. We work with you to achieve your desired results in the following ways:
Channel Strategies
  • Identify the most appropriate channel segments for specific products.
  • Develop a cohesive channel strategy that can be easily communicated to channel partners.
  • Interview channel partners regarding channel program effectiveness.
Market Analysis
  • Uncover untapped markets and identify potential barriers to entry.
  • Size markets and ascertain which markets to pursue and how to promote your product.
  • Achieve appropriate product positioning and pricing.
  • Technology white papers
  • Industry reports
  • Case studies
Competitive Analysis
  • Learn about your competitors' strategies, products, pricing, and market position.
  • Identify their strengths and learn how to combat them.
  • Ascertain their weaknesses and take advantage of the opportunities they create.
End User/Customer analysis
  • Identify features that current and potential customers want in a product.
  • Determine the level of satisfaction with existing products and services.
  • Assess purchasing behavior and buying requirements.

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